Date(s) - November 18, 2022
10:00 - 11:30




Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (Lamp) is a Leicester based charity that provides free to access mental health advocacy to the people of Leicester and has been established as a champion for mental health since 1989. Lamp are by the side of individuals struggling to access mental health support. Our aim is navigate people through the complexities of mental health support, help them overcome barriers or challenges, explore their options and empower them to rebuild their lives.

The event aims to raise further awareness of Lamp’s important work in the community and how we can all do our bit to support those who may be struggling. The event provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to know more about Lamp, support the charity in line with their social corporate responsibility and set a fantastic example by demonstrating their support for mental health awareness within our community and their own teams by ensuring that those living locally have access to the support that they may come to need.

Lamp recently formed their Lamp Business Club in 2020 to empower business leaders, teams, communities and organisational cultures to understand, manage and navigate better mental health at work.

As well as discussing Lamp’s important work in the community, Lamp will be holding a ‘talking heads’ question and answer workshop with a variety of businesses from difference sectors to really delve into why it’s important to look after ourselves and our employee’s and how our own experiences can be a vital tool to creating a great mental health strategy. We will be speaking to Richard Kotulecki, CEO of Lamp, Colin Fyfe, CEO of Hinckley and Rugby, Mark Winterflood, Wellbeing Manager at Hastings Direct, Suz Everitt Business Development Manager at Mattioli Woods and Power of Love Leadership author and coach, Sarah Higgins.

We will also hear from a Lamp service user with regards to their experiences, living with a mental health condition and what support benefited them at a time they felt at their lowest that help them rebuild their life.

We want local businesses and individuals to join our open, insightful and honest conversations and meet like-minded individuals passionate about improving mental health. The session will allow us to connect, share, empower and learn from each other to identify need based gaps and explore best approaches to creating an authentic mental health culture in the workplace.

Whether a small solo business or a large organisations, the event is for all who want to make mental health at the heart of their business. We want to hear from as many individuals and businesses as possible so we can gain a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to make for more thought provoking discussions. Mental health is something we can all relate to which is why the topic will be engaging and enlightening for all.

We want individuals to open up about their personal and professional experiences and discuss the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace. Let’s all bring mental wellbeing at the forefront of business decisions. Make mental health your business.

“Leadership is about more than making profit or growing a business, it is an opportunity to share what you have learned to help people in any way you can” (Colin Fyfe, HRBS)


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