Leicester Giving Day | part of Embark CSR

Friday 18 November 2022

Leicester Giving Day is a new initiative for Leicester from

and we want you to be part of it.

We want businesses and schools to devote Friday 18th November to showcase what they do to help local charities and local communities, and to do a little more of it, or to start doing something if they don’t already!

Leicester Giving Day is about giving participants a platform to showcase their philanthropic support for charities and local communities and to allocate their staff some time during the day to raise money or to help their local community organisation.

It’s what Leicester does really well already, we know that, but we want to encourage more businesses and schools to feel the buzz of helping those in need who need help the most.

The Leicester Giving Day strapline is ‘Treasure, Talent & Time’ which means you can raise funds, volunteer your services, or help out through gift-in-kind support, such as offering IT equipment.

If you would like to be part of Leicester Giving Day, you can sign up here. It doesn’t cost you anything, just some thinking time to plan an event or to get in touch with a local charity or community group. If you need any introductions, please let us know!

Leicester Giving Day is an integral part of the 2022 Leicester Business Festival and Embark CSR, the creators of the day, will host the closing event on the 18th November, where the first recipients of the ‘Leicester Social Responsibility Awards’ will be announced.

We will also announce the winners of the Leicester Giving Day Community Impact Programme, four projects submitted by community groups that will be supported to achieve an income target of up to GBP £25,000 each during 2023.

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