Leicester Giving Day

Leicester Giving Day will provide an opportunity to:

  • Bring the city and county together post-Covid | Leicester Giving Day
  • Create new and exciting partnerships | Leicester Giving Day
  • Celebrate what makes Leicester Special | Leicester Giving Day


Leicester Giving Day is a simple but impactful initiative that will enable companies and educational establishments in Leicester and Leicestershire to showcase their philanthropic support for charities and local communities.

It will encourage participating organisations to set aside one day in the year to reflect on what they already do, or to do more, to help those groups in the city and county that provide vital services to help people in need. It is also a day when invited charities and social enterprises can showcase their work to the general public in ‘charity hubs’ that will be set up in the city.

Companies and schools will be encouraged and supported leading up to the day to enable their employees and pupils to raise money for the charity of their choice, or to offer practical, in kind, support.

Embark CSR was created to enable business owners to connect a purpose to their profit, by helping to deliver activities that contribute to improving communities, backed with strategies for business growth. Our mission is to increase the number of businesses that develop and implement company CSR strategies; showcase and achieve recognition of the benefits derived by company led CSR activities, and to increase the number of corporate partnerships within the region.


Benefits of being involved

Leicester Giving Day will be a day that impacts lots of different interests in our community. Businesses, schools, charities and members of the public will all be able to take something from the day.


For businesses, you will be able to give back to the communities where you work; you will create a profile for your social responsibility and ESG commitments, and you will be able to offer an exciting day (or more) of activities for your staff to help the causes they believe in.


Get the kids involved in giving and kindness. Our simple initiatives that can get your school engaging in fun, valuable activities that help the community around them. Each school involved will pick their charity of choice and all funds relating to that activity will be given to that charity.


For charities, times are tough and are set to get tougher. LGD provides a platform to engage businesses to build long lasting partnerships that can contribute towards funding, resources and support with expertise.